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Without dance in the Netherlands no Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is more than a 7-day festival, we are available all year round for the dance field, the dance enthusiast and the dance explorer.

On this page you will find an overview of all Dutch premiere moments of dance performances and festivals that celebrate dance!

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18 OKT
ATMEN | Nicole Beutler Projects

In ATMEN you will be taken to a future in which the theater is overgrown by nature. In the damp and vibrating depths, the earth h as taken over its place . A wild promise of a reality that is still unimaginable takes shape gradually . Earth is finally catching its breath and becoming a pulsating post - apocalyptic paradise full of life. Fragments of romantic nature songs echo from the shadows. Hybrid creatures emerge in the moonlight. In this immersive visual performance, we are on our way to a new balanc
28 OKT
WE, the EYES | Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten – ICK Dans Amsterdam

Who are we? How do we live after collapsing certainties? In WE, the EYES, the survivors after a devastating fire are searching for true life, for connection with their instincts, intuition and with each other. The group makes its way from total darkness to the light, to new forms of existence, life and identity. Somewhere there seems to be fire. How can they play lustily with the fire again without burning up? How do they balance between fatalism and hope, between end times and future, between burning down and building up, between breath and breathlessness?


10 | HNB

This season, Het Nationale Ballet's Junior Company is celebrating both its tenth anniversary and that of artistic coordinator Ernst Meisner with an extra festive touring programme. This includes three entirely new creations plus a work that will be danced by the Juniors for the first time, and Valse Fantaisie, a classical-romantic jewel by master choreographer George Balanchine that is as light-hearted as it is demanding.
Blikvangers 1+ | De Stilte

In the beginning, the world was uninhibited. Life was so pristine that curiosity did not suffer from fear or anger. Like the open gaze of one who looked at the world, so pristine was it. The sound of water, the flow of movement, nature was wordless. Discovery was a trifle. Every touch was the beginning of an adventure. Two dancers and a musician go back to those beginnings with unusual instruments and unusual encounters, which become natural because they are there.


Oedipus Rex / Antigone | HNB

Crime and punishment take center stage in this diptych of Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex (1927) and the world premiere of Samy Moussa's Antigone (2020). The worlds of classical tragedy, contemporary dance and 20th- and 21st-century music converge in this new production by Britain's top choreographer and director Wayne McGregor.
30 MAA
Dancing Dutch | HNB

Dancing Dutch brings together four choreographers who, despite their different origins, are all rooted in our country and celebrated their first great successes here. For the first time, Het Nationale Ballet dances a creation by Jiří Kylián, the choreographer who gave Nederlands Dans Theater over thirty years of international success. In addition, this program includes a masterpiece by the Netherlands' best-known choreographer, Hans van Manen, and premiere ballets by Associate Artist David Dawson and Young Creative Associate Milena Sidorova.


15 JUN
Stravinsky Sprookjes | HNB

Not only is he the most important classical-ballet choreographer of our time, St. Petersburg-born Alexei Ratmansky is also one of the greatest critics of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After rehearsing his Giselle last year with the hastily formed United Ukrainian Ballet in The Hague, Het Nationale Ballet now presents two of his most successful and imaginative ballets: his dazzling Firebird and the European premiere of the poetic The Fairy's Kiss. Both set to the magisterial music of Igor Stravinsky.
28 JUN
Gala | HNB

Following the lavish celebration of the sixtieth anniversary in June 2022, Het Nationale Ballet will once again present a grand, dazzling gala performance at the end of the 2023/2024 season. More than 250 dancers will make their appearance at this special event, which will have an extra festive touch because of two special anniversaries.

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