Josephine van Rheenen

Artistic director & choreographer De Dansers

Josephine van Rheenen (1988) is a choreographer, dancer and artistic director of De Dansers. She graduated from the Theater School in Amsterdam in 2010 and immediately after her studies she started as a dancer with youth dance company De Dansers under the direction of choreographer and founder Wies Merkx. After 5 years on stage with De Dansers, Vloeistof and Breekgoed, she succeeded Merkx in 2014 as artistic director of De Dansers, together with musician/composer Guy Corneille. Since then, Josephine van Rheenen has been making her own work (often in collaboration with Guy Corneille) for both children and adults. Josephine was part of Atelier Oerol/Over het IJ, choreographed for youth music company Oorkaan and made several performances for De Dansers over the past 6 years. Her work is characterized by an intuitive dance language, openness and energy on stage and an intimate entanglement with (live) music. Her performances have been shown at Oerol, Over het IJ Festival, CaDance Festival, Zwarte Cross, Tweetakt, Boulevard, Lowlands, various international (youth) theater festivals and many schools, theaters and theaters in the Netherlands and Europe.



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