Chloé Albaret in ‘Aperture’

Meest indrukwekkende dansprestatie 2021

Sjoerd Derine

Choreography Edward Clug at Nederlands Dans Theater 1

The jury: “This season too, Chloé Albaret attracted the eyes of all spectators in the performances of the Nederlands Dans Theater. Albaret has mastered the dance languages ​​of various choreographers to perfection and adds an extra mysterious, theatrical layer to her interpretations. In 'Aperture' she switches in a phenomenal way between restrained emotions and expressive desire. Her mastery of Edward Clug's dance language is convincing and delicate in sharp, angular movements with a soft human touch.”

Interview with Chloé Albaret

Winning a prestigious VSCD Zwaan is a wonderful crowning achievement for your dance career. There is much more meaning behind the award. That is why, together with Swan winner 2021, Chloé Albaret, we will go deeper into the prize and her plans for the near future.

How did you celebrate this amazing achievement and how did friend, family and colleagues react?

I was a little overwhelmed by the positive responses I got after winning the Zwaan. I am so thankful to all the people who took a moment to write, call and simply congratulated me. It definitely felt warm in my heart.

What does this award mean to you?

To win the Zwaan feels like a beautiful recognition of my work for the past years but also make me look back on my whole journey from when I started dancing at 15. It feels like the finalization of something and yet the beginning of it at the same time. I am very grateful to have received this award.

What are you working on right now? / What can we expect to see of you in de near future?

Right now I am working on a full evening by William Forsythe that we will Premiere on the 2nd of December in Amare. The pieces I am working on and will be dancing throughout the Dutch tour are One Flat Thing, Reproduced and Of Any If And

In the near futur we will be starting as well on our next program called Traces left within with works from Marco Goecke, Jiří Kylián and Marina Mascarell.

Zwanen 2020 - Chloé Albaret

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