Honey Eavis

Nederlandse Dansdagen Prijs Maastricht Jong Publiek 2021

Sjoerd Derine

Choreographer/theatre maker Honey Eavis took home the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Young Audience 2021. These incentive prizes are intended to create new and innovative work, the result of which will premiere next year during the Dansdagen. That is extra special this year, because the Dance Days will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022.

Choreographer/theatre maker Honey Eavis considers herself a 'hip-hophead'. She specializes in black social dance forms, working with large, diverse groups and combining hip-hop with other art forms. From the jury report: “This is a token of appreciation for the potential that Honey Eavis shows to leave a mark on the Dutch youth dance world with her hip-hop dance for a young audience. The jury is impressed by her clear motivations. With her hip-hop dance for children, she taps into a new audience, linking her own experiences with the environment of the young target group. Moreover, as a woman she has a pioneering role in the hip-hop world. The award is a recognition for her interactive and inclusive way of working, which hopefully opens new doors for her.”

In addition to chairman and festival director Ronald Wintjens, the jury committee consisted of journalist/reviewer Wendy Lubberding, Rinus Sprong, artistic director De Dutch Don't Dance Division, choreographer/artistic director Stefan Ernst choreographer, marketing consultant Janneke Schmeitz and choreographer/artistic director Josephine van Rheenen.

Nederlandse Dansdagen Prijs Maastricht Jong Publiek 2021 - Honey Eavis

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