Archiving for Dummies #3

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Archiving for Dummies #3: Capturing your archive

You want people to see you work! But creating an entire project team to make the perfect recordings of your performances takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. How can you document your work during the process of making it? And how can you build an archive of materials that is not only interesting for others, but also supports your creative process? 

In collaboration with the Dutch Dance Days and Cinedans, is organising the online webinar Archiving for Dummies #3: Capturing your archive. During this online webinar you will get tips on how to capture your work in the making, without it taking a lot of extra work. 

Note: this online webinar is focused on makers in the broadest sense, and dance makers in particular.

Webinar Series Archive For Dummies 

With the Archive for Dummies series, helps the performing arts to take matters into their own hands. By offering a platform to experts and practical examples, they share tools, handles, guidelines and tips & tricks for performing arts institutions to be able to take care of their archive independently. So that they can sustainably preserve their treasure troves and open them up to others. connects the treasure troves of the Dutch performing arts and opens them up to makers, researchers and enthusiasts. The ultimate goal is an integral and accessible digital overview of the Dutch performing arts heritage, which brings the history of the Dutch performing arts alive and can be a source of inspiration for makers of today and the future. 

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Archiveren voor dummies #3

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