Nederlandse Dansdagen Panel discussion

The legacy of the sector. Taking care of the dance archives together

Here you can watch the panel discussion from Saturday October 1st back. 

The Nederlandse Dansdagen contributes in all sorts of ways to the development of the special dance landscape in our country. Among other things, we bring professionals and the public together to share knowledge about the important topics of the moment. On October 1, at 15:30, a panel discussion will take place about the importance of archiving in dance.

The theme of this panel discussion is, 'The legacy of the sector. Taking care of the dance archives together

Archive material is created around each production. To be able to resume a production or to give more context to the performances. Often each company/maker approaches this in their own way. What lessons can we learn from each other? And what challenges can we as a sector tackle together? So that we can share knowledge and resources with each other and not reinvent the wheel.

Five makers will talk to the sector about how we can work together to preserve the dance archives and make them available. To give the rich legacy of Dutch dance a stage. They tell about what they are doing to the archive and why, what they encounter and think about what a joint approach could look like.

At the table are Nicole Beutler, Manuel Segond von Banchet, Joris Jans (Introdans), Bart Deuss (Don't Hit Mama), Sheree Lenting (choreographer) and Guido Jansen ( The conversation will be moderated by Annette Embrechts.

This panel discussion is organized in collaboration between the Nederlandse Dansdagen and connects the treasure troves of the Dutch performing arts and opens them up to makers, researchers and enthusiasts. The ultimate goal is an integral and accessible digital overview of the Dutch performing arts heritage, which brings the history of the Dutch performing arts alive and can be a source of inspiration for makers of today and the future.

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