13 Juli 2023
Meet the Virtual Residencies makers 2023

During the upcoming edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen you will experience dance live on stages in Maastricht and online from Maastricht. The online stage will include three new Virtual Residencies. Talented young makers will present their (research) projects in these Residencies. For this edition the following artists are selected: Charlotte Goesaert (DansBrabant), Sary Mathrath (Korzo), Olympia Kotopoulos & Veerle Van Overloop (Moving Futures). On Saturday, September 30, the Virtual Residencies will premiere not only online, but also live (on screen).

26 Juni 2023
Nominees Zwanen 2023 announced

These are the 12 nominees with a chance to win the 2023 Zwanen 
The nominees for the ('Jonge) Zwanen' of the Vereniging van Schouwburg- en Concertgebouwdirecties (VSCD) 2023 are known as of today! These renowned dance awards will be presented during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala on Friday 29 September at 20:00 at Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

13 May 2023
The Nederlandse Dansdagen presale has started

Starting today you can get tickets for the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2023. There are no less than 9 performances in the presale. All of them worth visiting.

Whether you want to enjoy an evening of the top dance companies on one stage during Meesterwerken or prefer to be surprised by upcoming makers during the premieres of Conny Janssen Danst - Danslokaal 11 or Korzo - DansClick 25, there is always something for you.

2 May 2023
The Nederlandse Dansdagen celebrates 50 years of hip-hop – Dance With Me – from 29 september to 5 october 2023

This year, The Nederlandse Dansdagen will descend on Maastricht for the 26th time. The 'festival of Dutch dance' will again be celebrated in grand style. In theatres, at special locations in the city, from online stages and again from the 'Danstent' on the Vrijthof square. Under the motto Dance with me, audiences, makers, companies, amateurs and professionals will be brought together to celebrate dance in all its forms. From classical ballet to urban, from renowned companies to the next generation of choreographers, from theatre to film and events for young audiences.

25 April 2023
A dansWEB update

After two successful start-up projects in October 2022, there is a lot of news on the program for dansWEB in 2023. The year was kicked off with the performance Terts van Pra Muziektheater in collaboration with social partner Sevagram. There are also collaborations with DadoDans, SALLY Maastricht, Evida and Vila Pip on the program for people with disabilities and special education. Just think of performances, dance cafés and long-term projects, ... The latter connects different target groups. You can admire the result during the festival.

24 April 2023
These are the nominees for the Innovatieprijs Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2023

Three choreographers have a chance to win the €25,000 incentive prize

The nominees for the Innovatieprijs Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht have been announced today! Last month, dance professionals and enthusiasts could nominate choreographers for a chance to win this incentive prize. From over 170 entries, a jury consisting of dance and culture professionals finally selected three creators.    

13 February 2023
Nomination round Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht has started

As of today it is possible to nominate choreographers for the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht.

8 February 2023
Call to Action: new fase in the Dutch dance sector 2025-2028

On behalf of the dance sector and its partners, the Nederlandse Dansdagen presents the joint Call to Action: new phase in Dutch dance 2025-2028. The document will also be handed over to the Secretary of State for Culture and Media, Gunay Uslu.

12 January 2023
Nederlandse Dansdagen will develop a new digital platform

Nederlandse Dansdagen (ND) wants to develop a leading, interactive digital platform, where Dutch dance is the main focus.

“We also strengthen the connection between artist, audience and participant in the digital domain. This way we remain artistically innovative and relevant to a wider audience.”

11 January 2023
Nanine Linning new artistic director Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning will be the new artistic director of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. She succeeds Ed Wubbe who set the artistic course for thirty years. Ed Wubbe will remain with Scapino as artistic director until December 2024. Nanine Linning was already resident choreographer at Scapino from 2001 to 2006, after which she founded her own dance company. She will start in August 2024 alongside Ed Wubbe, who will step down at the end of December 2024. In the years 2023 and 2024 she will already be intensively involved in, among other things, developing the new four-year policy plan 2025 - 2028.

14 December 2022
Golden Swan winner Lloyd Marengo on a royal visit!

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala 2022, choreographer Lloyd Marengo was awarded a VSCD Gouden Zwaan, in appreciation of his great and unique contribution to dance in the Netherlands and his role as a trailblazer for the hip-hop community.

1 December 2022
dansWEB is gestart!

The Nederlandse Dansdagen has joined forces with a broad network of partners with the aim of giving everyone access to dance. Especially groups for whom access to dance is not self-evident and for which the power of dance can have a positive effect. Everyone can get moving through dansWEB in a way that suits him or her.

1 December 2022
Friends of Dutch Dance: Phone campaign launched

The Nederlandse Dansdagen can really use your support. That is why in December we approach a large number of our visitors by telephone with the request whether they would like to become a friend or a dance partner. Have you visited the Nederlandse Dansdagen in recent years? Then you may be called.

30 September 2022
Dance Awards 2022

On the 30th of september were the VSCD Dance Awards, better known as the Swans, awarded during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala in Theater aan het Vrijthof. The opening night of the 25th edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen was given an extra festive touch by the presentation of a Golden Swan. For the first time, Young Swans were also awarded to the most impressive youth dance production and youth dance performance. These new dance prizes have been established at the initiative of the entire youth dance field, in recognition of the quality and innovative capacity of youth dance. 


22 September 2022
Alida Dors opens the Nederlandse Dansdagen with the State of Dutch Dance

Choreographer, theater maker and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam Alida Dors is presenting this year's State of Dutch Dance (30 September, during the Nederlandse Dansdagen). Earlier this month, Alida Dors also presented the State of the Dutch Theater. She is the first person in history to take on both States, bringing the two arts disciplines theater and dance closer together.
Alida Dors: "I wish for us a culture in which we celebrate on whose shoulders we stand, but aren't afraid to grow"

14 September 2022
Jubilees toast together to the start of the festival season in the heart of Maastricht

The new cultural season in Maastricht traditionally starts in September and October with a number of inspiring festivals in the field of dance, music, theater and more. This season is extra festive thanks to the anniversaries of Musica Sacra (40th edition) and the Nederlandse Dansdagen (25th edition). Theater aan het Vrijthof (30 years old) is a proud partner and festival heart. The mutual cooperation between the organizations has proved productive and meaningful in recent years. Together, directors Brigitte van Eck, Ronald Wintjens, Martine van Dijk and project leader Fons Dejong look briefly back at the history and heritage of the two festivals. But above all, they toast the start of the two special anniversary editions. Musica Sacra with the theme 'Exodus' takes place from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September, followed by the Dutch Dance Days under the motto 'Dance with me' from Friday 30 September to Thursday 6 October.

13 September 2022
The Festivalpaper is digital!

This year we have a festival newspaper for the first time! A newspaper full of dance especially for this anniversary edition. With interviews, articles, highlights from the program, all nominees and much more! Haven't you read it yet? click on more to discover how you can admire it digitally.

6 September 2022
Nederlandse Dansdagen x Maastricht is culture

Maastricht is culture. 365 days a year. And the Nederlandse Dansdagen is proud to have been part of this special cultural city for 25 years. To put culture in Maastricht in the spotlight, we made this video in collaboration with Maastricht Marketing. You can see ambassador of Dutch dance Gil Gomes Leal in the city's decor. The video will be used to announce the 25th edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen from September 30 to October 6 and - for the longer term - to promote the cultural city of Maastricht.

More information about Maastricht cultural city can be found at visitmaastricht.com 

26 August 2022
Here they are... The nominees of de Swans 2022

The nominees for the Swans of the Association of Theater and Concertgebouw Directors (VSCD) 2022 have been announced! All prizes will be awarded during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala on Friday September 30 at 08:00 PM in Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

18 August 2022
The story of Milena Sidorova

For the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2022 campaign we have had the opportunity to collaborate with several beautiful dancers and choreographers. The images are strong, but the passion behind it even stronger. That is why we are happy to let you hear the voice of our ambassadors. Today the story of Milena Siderova. The Ukrainian-Dutch dancer and choreographer has already created more than 25 works. Dance is an integral part of her life:

11 August 2022
WANTED! Ferocious young people between 13 and 17 years old

Are you between 13 and 17 years old and have you always wanted to participate in a location theater performance? Then this is your chance! Create a location performance in the streets of Maastricht with us, Cie. Woest. We dive into the city and work with movement, theater and music at various locations. We move from one location to another and provide a surprising intervention with the audience. We are everywhere and nowhere. People come across us by chance. We are the Poppers.

27 Juli 2022
The story behind Ivan Montis

In collaboration with top photographer Hugo Thomassen, we have once again shot beautiful campaign images for this edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. You may have already seen them on websites or on our socials and newsletters. But there is more than just a photo there is a whole story behind every dancer/choreographer and his/her/their passion for dance. Three fantastic professionals from the Dutch Dance world have been photographed for the campaign and we have asked them all to tell a story about the role dance plays in their lives.

Today the story of Ivan Montis.

18 Juli 2022
Alida Dors pronounces both the State of Dutch Dance and the State of the Theater

Choreographer, theater maker and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam Alida Dors will this year recite both the State of the Theater (1 September, during the Dutch Theater Festival) and the State of Dutch Dance (30 September, during the Nederlandse Dansdagen). She is the first person in history to be responsible for both States, bringing the two art disciplines theater and dance closer together.

4 Juli 2022
Festivalprogram 2022 is online

For 25 years, dance in all its manifestations has been celebrated during the Nederlandse Dansdagen, with Maastricht as the beating heart of the dance Valhalla. Starting with a single evening in 1997, this anniversary edition (from September 30 to October 6, 2022) promises to be extra special. With more than 100 inspiring performances and activities at 12 unique locations throughout the city, online and on TV. From classical ballet to urban, with renowned companies and newcomers: Dutch dance is more diverse and compelling than ever.

27 Juni 2022
Dansspeld for Ton Wiggers

Last Saturday the second Dansspeld was awarded to Ton Wiggers. Tonight, the Founder and General Director of Introdans said goodbye to the company he led for the past 50 years in Stadstheater Arnhem. During the evening he was honored with several awards. Director of the Dutch Dance Days, Ronald Wintjens, presented the Dansspeld, a mark of merit within the Dutch dance field.

9 Juni 2022
Will you soon be performing in the Danstent on the Vrijthof with your dance group?

This is already the 25th time that the Nederlandse Dansdagen takes place in Maastricht. Extra reason for celebration! And we would like to celebrate that with you! That is why this year we are offering dance schools and groups from South Limburg the opportunity to conquer the stage in our unique Dance Tent on the Vrijthof.

30 May 2022
Crowdfunding: Let Maastricht Dance again!

Contribute to the realization of the Danstent on the Vrijthof during the Nederlandse Dansdagen and make the anniversary party complete.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen exists 25 years which calls for a celebration! From 30 September to 6 October, the city of Maastricht will once again be dominated by top performances, intimate premieres, dance conversations, workshops, underground parties and much more. But during this anniversary we want have an even bigger plan. We want to make the whole city dance! How? By placing a real Danstent (Dance tent), in the middle of the Vrijthof. With your help, we ensure that this Spiegeltent becomes the stage for everyone who wants to dance, battle, club, or simply enjoy dance close by. The Danstent should complete the anniversary party. Are you going to help us to let Maastricht dance? Click here to read more about the Crowdfunding campaign.

26 May 2022
These are the Virtual Residencie makers 2022

For the anniversary edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen, from September 30 to October 6, 2022, the following makers have been selected for the Virtual Residencies project:

  • Sarada Sarita (Korzo)
  • Conni Trommlitz (Moving Futures)
  • Simon Bus (PLAN Talent Development Brabant)
25 April 2022
These are the nominees for the Innovation Award

The nominees for the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht have been announced today! Last month, dance professionals and enthusiasts were able to nominate choreographers for a chance to win this renewed incentive prize. A seven-member jury consisting of dance and culture professionals ultimately selected three makers from the more than a hundred entries.

The nominees for the Innovation Prize Dutch Dance Days Maastricht 2022 are:
Simon Bus, Jordy Dik and Mohamed Yusuf Boss.
The prize will be awarded during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala on Friday September 30, 2022 in Theater aan het Vrijthof.

20 April 2022
‘A celebration of Dutch Dance’!The 25th edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen is coming up.

This year the Nederlandse Dansdagen will be held in Maastricht for the 25th time. Especially for this special anniversary, the 'party of Dutch dance' will be celebrated extra grand. In theatres, at special locations in the city and from online stages, but also for the first time from the 'Danstent' on the Vrijthof – an interactive stage in the heart of the city. Under the motto Dance with me, more than 100 activities bring the public, makers, companies, amateurs and professionals together to celebrate dance in all forms. From classical ballet to urban, from renowned companies to the next generation of choreographers, from theater to film and events for a young audience – this year you will experience dance like never before.

3 March 2022
Together we stand #hArtforUkraine

The cultural field has also been shaken by the recent events in Ukraine.

Dance is characterized by its international character. Dancers all around the world, including Ukrainian and Russian dancers, team up to embrace the art of dance and show it to anyone with a love for dance. Dance brings a message of togetherness and strength, which those who now want to propagate stronger than ever! Our support goes to all people who are in any affected by the violence of the war.

In the weekend of March 4 – 6, various actions will be organized by cultural organizations to show support and/or collect money to assist Ukraine in the current situation. More about the various actions can be found here: https://h-artforukraine.nl

24 February 2022
Start nominating choreographers for the new Innovation Award Nederlandse Dansdagen

The Nederlandse Dansdagen announces today that it is merging the two existing festival prizes into one incentive prize, the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht. Starting today it is also possible to nominate choreographers for this new prize.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen gives an impulse to Dutch dance by supporting emerging talent with guidance and prizes. Since 2007 it has awarded the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht to a talented and promising choreographer. In 2017, the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience was added to this, with the aim of contributing to the innovation of dance for a young audience in the Netherlands.

20 January 2022
We are ready! #opencultuur

Art is like oxygen to the mind. No one can do without it. That is precisely why the lack of this is increasing every day. We miss the inspiration, sparkle and emotion.

As performing artists, we have done everything we can for almost two years to stay moving and visible. Our audience is too important to us. Despite all the limitations, we managed to reach the spectators in all kinds of creative ways.
But it stops now. The rack is out.

Adjustment is becoming increasingly difficult due to the varying measures with hardly any preparation time. We ask for clarity. Not forward and back. But a clear script to be able to perform again step by step for full halls.

We have long proven that this can be done safely. It is now up to you to show that you take us seriously as performing artists. We are ready, are you?


18 October 2021
Taste the culture during Museumnacht Maastricht

22 October 2021: Art Appetizer

Mark 'Save the Night' in your calendar on Friday 22 October 2021, because that's the night we finally return to the city with a tasteful Art Night Out. More than 10 art venues will open their doors and bring the world of art back to life – after dark! With one single ticket you can enjoy an intimate evening filled with art, theater, dance, film, live music and more. 

3 October 2021
Toer van Schayk is the first to receive the Dance pin

Choreographer, visual artist and guest of honor of the Dutch Dance Days 2021, Toer van Schayk, received the first Dansspeld last night during the Dutch Dance Day Gala in Maastricht as a sign of recognition for the knowledge, wisdom and idiosyncrasy that he has contributed to the dance field for decades. A jewel for dance, for a jewel for dance, as a symbol of continuity and marking our cultural memory.

The jewelery maker and designer is Trudi van Schaik.

3 October 2021
Supervisory Board welcomes new chairman and vice-chairman!

The Nederlandse Dansdagen appoints Mavis Carrilho as new chairman and Ahmed Marcouch as vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board. Outgoing chairman Ton Rombouts and vice-chairman Wil Rutten receive a Sign of Merit for the city of Maastricht.

2 October 2021
Dance prizes 2021 have been awarded!

A Golden Swan for Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, Swans for 'De Panter' and dancer Chloé Albaret and Dalton Jansen and Honey Eavis crowned winners of the prizes Dutch Dance Days 2021.

30 September 2021
New prize for youth dance
In 2020, the entire youth dance field initiated a conversation about how to recognize the growing importance of youth dance. The desire to create a prize for this has been alive for some time. In 2022, the time has finally come.
22 Juli 2021
New collaborations Virtual Residences 2021

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is proud to announce that it is entering into a special collaboration with three partners in talent development in the context of the Virtual Residences project. Moving Futures, Korzo and PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant each nominate one or more makers from the group of choreographers they support, who will create a new, online work for the festival in 2021 for this special project.

24 May 2021
Romee van de Meent and Rutkay Özpinar about Dans met mij

Justin de Jager, Redouan Ait Chitt and Sedrig Verwoert previously told us how they experienced their participation in the NTR program Dance with me. We also asked Romee van de Meent and Rutkay Ozpinar about their participation in Dance with me. How did they experience it? And what meaning do they attach to the statement Dance with me.

29 April 2021
Press release Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021

It's official, the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021 are coming! In and from Maastricht, online and offline. The dance festival in the Netherlands that you absolutely cannot and do not want to miss.

22 April 2021
Redouan Ait Chitt and Sedrig Verwoert about 'Dans met mij'

In the last episode of the series, Jan Kooijman talks to two acquaintances of the Dutch Dance Days, Redouan Ait Chitt (Redo) and Sedrig Verwoert. We asked them a few questions about Dance with me.

15 March 2021
Sign you up to become jury of The Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht

The Dutch Dance Festival is looking for professionals from the cultural sector to strengthen the jury panel of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht. Do you work in the cultural sector? And would you like to use your expertise and knowledge in the field of dance to offer promising choreographers an opportunity to create new and innovative work? Then we are looking for you.

3 March 2021
Digital Dance Talks: A conversation with the sub-sector

In 2020 the Digital Dance Talks were set up with the aim of arriving at new policy points together with the dance sector. So that in 2022, on behalf of the entire dance sector, we can hand over the "discourse for a new phase within the Dutch 2025-2028" to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

The sub-sector talks will start today. We are continuing the discussions together with sub-sector coordinators and invited guests. So that an interim stand can be presented to you at the time of the festival and we can enter into a conversation with you.

28 January 2021
The Promise

"The Promise of the Empty Theater", a hopeful text written especially for one theater, was quickly embraced by the entire cultural sector. The text, written by Jan Beuving, has grown into a poetic statement that will be distributed by 400 theaters, stages, producers, agents, academies, sector institutions, festivals, choirs, orchestras, ensembles, dance & theater companies as of 28 January. To all people who have a warm heart for theater.

2 October 2020
Dance Awards 2020

On Thursday 1 October, during the 23rd edition of the Dutch Dance Festival, the annual Festival Awards, the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Award 2020 and the Dutch Dance Days Young Public Award 2020 were awarded.

Due to the Corona crisis, the VSCD will not be awarding Swans this year, but the Dance Jury did announce its nominations for the 2019/2020 season during the Dutch Dance Festival 2020. The presentation of the prizes will be postponed to next year, with the jury confirming the performance per prize. and will include performances over two seasons in her considerations and choices.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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