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Dalton Jansen

Good morning class

1 October | 10:00 - 11:00
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Hans Hordijk

This is a free event.

Dalton Jansen

Good Morning Class / all levels

Have you always wanted to join a danceclass from a dance professionals? Good news. The Good morning class in the Dance Tent ensures a perfect start to the day. Get your moves on and dance throughout the whole day! Everyone is welcome to join. On Saturday October 1, Dalton Jansen will give the lesson.

Dancer and choreographer Dalton Jansen has won several prizes in recent years with his choreographies. In 2017 he won The Double Collective Hip Hop Games: a major international competition in France. In 2021 he founded his own dance company BLACK BIRDS and in the same year won several prizes: the BNG Bank Dansprijs, Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht and the DOX Award of 2021.


Dalton graduated from the Urban Contemporary Course (JMD) at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam. In addition, Dalton also owns DDJ Dance, a company that organizes workshops in the Netherlands with national and international dance teachers. Dalton himself is also active as a teacher at various dance schools and as a choreographer at dance courses where he gives workshops and creates choreographies in the urban contemporary style.

Within the framework of the new producer’s subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund, Dalton currently researches his own dance vocabulary under the auspices of DOX, Conny Janssen Danst and Production House Theater Rotterdam.


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