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DansClick 25

30 September | 14:00 - 15:30
€18.50 (Algemeen)
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Constantin Trommlitz

Korzo / BNG Bank Dansprijs

DansClick is a national tour of the most exciting names in the dance world. Since 2013, the winners of the BNG Bank Dansprijs present their work in the DansClick tour. The performances are always framed with video portraits of the makers and the Après Danse; an informal meeting between audience, makers and dancers on stage, over drinks. The winner of the BNG Bank Dansprijs 2023 is Jordy Dik. Besides the winner of the BNG Bank Dance Award, Korzo will also present its own in-house maker Zino Schat during Danslick 25. 

Choreographer and maker Zino Schat created Eroica, a duet about growth and self development together with Yari Ahne and Tom Pham. The dancers maneuver through a movement language that is born from being oppressed. Eroica, is a dialogue in which two sides of the same coin confront each other and grow together. In times where oppression occurs in all forms, the duet searches enlightment through different perspectives in friendship and community. 


Eroica mini-docu © Constantin Trommlitz.mp4

The BNG Bank Dansprijs is awarded annually by the BNG Cultuurfonds with the aim of encouraging young Dutch talent in realizing their productions and offering talented choreographers with national and even international potential an important step forward in their careers. The fund does this in cooperation with dance house Korzo, which produces the DansClick tour.

Previous winners of the BNG Bank Dansprijs are Dalton Jansen, Dunja Jocic, Marina Mascarell, and Samir Calixto. This year's winner is Jordy Dik.

Jordy Dik, despite his young age, is one of the best-known inclusive choreographers in the country today. Partly because of his keen artistic and ethical vision of (fellow) humanity, he creates performances that go through heart and soul.

His work goes beyond "inclusion" in that it nowhere initiates a sense of participation. Jordy allows the dancers to take the stage in such a filterless, liberating and humane way that the audience's feelings become a catalyst for connection and change. Not just in that performative moment in the theater, but specifically in the rest of their lives.

Compagnie 21 - Trailer JIJ EN IK EN ALLE ANDEREN (seizoen 22/23)


Credits Eroica
Choreography: Zino Schat
Performance: Tom Pham & Yari Ahne
Lighting design: Sanne Rosbag
Sound: Simone Giacomini
Repetitor: Barbara Minacori
Stage photography by Robert Benschop


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