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Dansen in het park

Dansen met…

2 October | 14:30 - 17:30

Dansen in het park

Dansen met...


‘It is an honor to be part of this anniversary event as an organization and regular visitors to Dansen in het Park.’



Get your feet off the floor in the Danstent with a number of Maastricht dance associations. On Sunday 2 October, the dancers from Dansen in het park will visit the Danstent.  

Everyone is welcome to dance along. But if you prefer just watching and enjoying a drink you’re of course welcome as well.  


Stichting Wij Senioren has been an organizer of Dansen in het Park for many years (started in 2010). 

This leisure activity for seniors has become an indispensable activity and meeting initiative in many neighborhoods of Maastricht. 

At various locations such as community centers, halls and even a dance school, seniors can meet and dance to a variety of dance styles. Both skilled dancers and hobby dancers find their niche on the dance floor. 

From a Tango to a Foxtrot or Waltz, but also line dance and nice disco moves. DJ William provides the music and the lovely volunteers ensure that everything runs smoothly. All in all, it is a pleasant way to spend leisure time for every dancer. 


Besides the almost weekly dance afternoons and evenings in the neighbourhoods, Stichting Wij Senioren also organizes an annual edition in the City Park with a dance floor and a large number of seats. This is a tribute to the popular open-air dance event Dansen in het Park from the 50s and 60s, which is the event where their name stems from. 


On Sunday afternoon you are very welcome at the Vrijthof to enjoy a dance together. 


De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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