In dialogue

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is structurally committed to bringing the dance sector together to formulate joint policy principles. The purpose of these dance conversations is on the one hand to discuss topics that are important to the dance sector in a broader context and on the other hand they serve as input for the document to be written "discourse for a new phase in Dutch dance 2025-2028". We will present this document on behalf of the entire dance sector in 2022 to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

The dance conversations consist of several phases that are briefly explained below.

Plenary Dance Talks (October 7, November 4 and December 2, 2020)

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen Digital 2020, the first conversation in the three-part series of plenary Dance Conversations took place. Led by Hadassah de Boer, the invited guests enter into a dialogue about specific themes and issues that are high on the agenda of the Dutch dance field.

The dance conversation of 7 October 2020 mainly dealt with the impact of the corona crisis on the dance sector and related sectors and infrastructure. What challenges and opportunities are manifesting themselves and what measures or actions must be taken to continue to innovate and make the dance climate in the Netherlands future-proof.

The second plenary discussion that took place on November 4 dealt with the theme of new makership, how do young and mid-career choreographers want to work and does this method fit into the dance landscape as we know it today? The closing plenary dance discussion on December 2 focused on two topics that have dominated the conversation in the dance sector in recent years, namely fair practice and diversity & inclusion.

Digital Dance Conversations with sub-sectors (March 3 and June 9, 2021)

The digital dance talks with sub-sector coordinators started on 3 March. These conversations are only accessible to invitees and cannot be viewed at a later time. These discussions were aimed at formulating concrete agenda items that were tested and discussed with the supporters in October, during the Debate of the Nederlandse Dansdagen.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the dance talks and encourage you to stay in touch with each other. Would you like to propose agenda items to sub-sector coordinators so that they can be discussed during upcoming dance conversations? Send an email to with your input and to which sub-sector you belong. Click on the page below to get an overview of all sub-sector coordinators.


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