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Jordy Dik / Compagnie 21

Jij en ik en alle anderen + Nagesprek

1 October | 14:30 - 15:20
€10.00 (Regulier)
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1 October | 18:00 - 18:50
€10.00 (Regulier)
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Sjoerd Derine

Jordy Dik / Compagnie 21 

Jij en ik en alle anderen 

A special performance with an accessible and intimate character that entails a pinch of audience participation. But above all: a lot of visible humanity] 


With his Compagnie 21, Jordy Dik, nominated this year for the Innovation Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht, is giving a new impulse to the inclusion trend in Dutch dance. 


JIJ EN IK EN ALLE ANDEREN // YOU AND ME AND ALL THE OTHERS is about two people who want to discover the world together. The world around them that keeps turning. To what extent can you and I determine the world? Without being too preoccupied with everyone else around us. The duet shows that people will always differ, just as they will always match. Sometimes confusing, but mostly interested and loving. And what we love most are the things that flow through us. In the world, in you and in me. 

JORDY DIK is a choreographer and community artist from Rotterdam and resident choreographer for Compagnie 21. His choreographic work is about (the rediscovery of) humanity and the poetic interpretation of 'the encounter'. Jordy: 'The meeting with the other, the world and therefore with ourselves. There is no better way to make this tangible so quickly than moving bodies. Since these cannot possibly lie (as Martha Graham has preached) and thus essentially come closest to the truth.” 


JIJ EN IK EN ALLE ANDEREN // YOU AND ME AND ALL THE OTHERS is the new (educational) production of Compagnie 21 – the professional tour company of Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri. After a successful tour of the major theater halls in the Netherlands with the production No Bodies, the company has now opted for a more intimate duet. 


As a company, COMPAGNIE 21 allows its artistic products to be created through organic finds during previous processes, so that we continue to tune in to the people who matter: our special and authentic performers. In addition, we like to put people on stage who would otherwise not be there naturally (together). 



Co-producer: Holland Dance Festival

Concept & choreography: Jordy Dik
Co-choreography & training: Loura Sita van Krimpen
Dancers: Margriet Jacobs & Andrea Beugger
Composer: Oene van Geel
Musicians: Oene van Geel & Charlotte Basalo
Costume design: Lian Verhoeven
Technique: Frank de Mönnink
Video: Dammes Kieft
Production: Linda Schrik
Production assistant: Anneleen Huijsmans

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