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NAVO-NATO Cannerberg

Cannerweg 798
6213 ND Maastricht

+31 (0)43 30 300 30

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The Cannerberg is a hill south of Maastricht. Under the hill are a number of marl quarries where marl was extracted in earlier times. The most important are the Castle Quarry (so called because of its location behind Chateau Neercanne), the Muizenberg, which is partly located in Belgium, the Jesuit Mountain and the Boschberg. In 1944, the Germans established the mountain as a workshop for the assembly of flying bombs of the type V-1.

From 1954 the Ministry of War rented the Boschberg from the Limburg Landscape Foundation for a period of fifty years. NATO started to use the quarry as a war and training headquarters and the complex has been subject to the State Secrets Act since 1956. In 1963, as a result of heightened tensions in the context of the Cold War, the headquarters was permanently occupied, day and night, seven days a week. Dutch, Belgian, British, German and American soldiers worked there. The complex was an important communications center for NATO. Air defense and military air traffic control for the northern half of West Germany were coordinated there. When NATO left the quarry in 1992, there was serious contamination with asbestos fibers. After that, a thorough cleaning operation took place in which the entire headquarters was 'stripped'. What remains are the impressive ruins of this underground world.

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2022, the No Access Performances will be organized at this unique location.

No Access shows twenty contemporary video works, data visualisations, media works, animations and interactive educational games with visual stories about refugees from different perspectives. Something that fits beautifully with the loaded past of this place.

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