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Opera Zuid Malpertuis

Malpertuisplein 60
6217CD Maastricht

+31 43 321 0166

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Since 2003, Opera Zuid has been housed in the Church of Our Lady of Good Council, better known as the Malpertuis Church. A special location that was created in 1966 as a result of a unique collaboration between architect Jean Huysmans and artist Albert Troost. The result is a wall-filling, partly figurative and partly abstracted stained glass window. The four church walls are attuned to each other and together form a closed whole. The altar side gives space to the creative hand, the origin of the circle of the sun (the north-east wall), today the created birds also fly into the adjacent wall of the earth (south-east side). The first people take shelter there and the first drama takes place. Opposite, the wall of the non-earth (north-west), with the floating symbols of the evangelists, excessively large. The watching angel (south-west wall) with his wing stretched over the entire width of the wall, closes off the square. 

During the anniversary edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Opera Zuid Malpertuis will be the location for Krisztina de Châtel's famous performance, Föld. The piece that premiered in June 1985 will be shown in the Maplertuiskerk on 1 and 2 October 2022 as the closing event of the Tour. The perfect location for this piece where spectators will take place around the scene to watch the dancers fight against mother nature. 


The case is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, there are no wheelchair accessible sanitary facilities. To reserve a wheelchair space, please contact the UITbalie of the Theater aan het Vrijthof, + 31 43 350 55 5. 

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