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Open Your Mind X The Notorious IBE

1 October | 15:00 - 18:00
€10.00 (regulier ticket)
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After last year’s success, the most exciting battle of Dutch dance will return to the Dansdagen-stage. During a dazzling program in the Danstent on Saturday afternoon, you can see the very best of the urban arts. 

Think of experimental battles, where the boundaries between theater and competition blur, in Open Your Mind top 12.

Twelve dancers from different backgrounds test their improvisation skills in a solo showcase competition. Each round, the dancers have to give a solo showcase that lasts longer and longer each time. The jury and audience sit 360 degrees around the soloists.

A real challenge for the improvisational skills of the dancers, music comes from DJs Legove and Nobunaga. The dancers have to deal with the increasing time and pressure to always be "fresh" because repetitions are penalized by the judges. Eventually, each round of dancers will drop out until only the best remain. The length of the solos lasts from 1 minute to 8 minutes per solo in the final. A battle you don't want to miss!

Farah Nieuwburg, the winner in the ‘dance’ category of Kunstbende 2022, will have the opportunity to show her solo during this afternoon.  

This program is a collaboration between the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Open Your Mind and The Notorious IBE. 


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