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Tango Maastricht

Dansen met...

2 October | 18:30 - 22:30

Jean-Pierre Geusens

Tango Maastricht

Dansen met...

Let’s get those feet of the floor in the Danstent with a number of Maastricht dance associations. On Sunday 2 October from 17:30 to 22:30 Tango Maastricht will enter the Danstent and the whole eveing will be about TANGO! 

Everyone is welcome to dance along. Just watching and enjoying a drink is of course also possible! 


The Tango Maastricht Foundation was established in November 1987, which means this year they will be 35 years old! This makes Tango Maastricht one of the oldest Tango schools in the Netherlands. Tango Maastricht is a volunteer organization. The aim is to promote the Argentine culture in the Netherlands, and more in specific the Argentine Tango, both the dance and the music. 


Tango Maastricht organizes a Milonga (tango salon) every month in the Nuie Geusselt Zaol in Maastricht. Changing DJs provide the music. On occasion there is live music by various Tango orchestras from home and abroad. Due to its euregional location, many dancers come from Germany and Belgium. On Monday evening and Wednesday evening there are classes for beginning and more advanced dancers. For those interested, there are free trial lessons prior to the start of new course series. 

Besides that Tango Maastricht organizes workshops for groups and companies on request. You can also contact Tango Maastricht for private lessons. 


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