Friends and Dance partners

The Dutch Dance Festival couldn’t do without its friends and dance partners who make it possible to offer a platform for everything that Dutch dance has to offer every year. Friends and dance partners of the festival give a great deal, but they also get something in return.

Friends of the Dutch Dance Festival pay € 75 each year and receive:
priority booking
the festival brochure by post
a meet & greet at the festival
a ticket for the opening on 30th September 2021
two encounters per year
friends for two receive a discount and pay just € 125
if you commit for five years you receive an extra ticket for the opening.

Dance partners pay € 150 per year and receive:
the same privileges as Friends
a ticket for Masterworks, incl. an invitation for the toast
dance partners for two receive a discount and pay just € 250
if you commit for five years you receive an extra ticket for the opening and Masterworks.

Become a friend or dance partner
If you would like to become a friend or dance partner, get in touch with Roel Beeftink-Funcken  ( The Dutch Dance Festival has the status of a public benefit organisation [ANBI] for the Dutch tax authorities so any contribution is 100% deductible in the Netherlands and even rises to 125% for a contribution over five years.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

Partner Minocw Partner - Provincie Limburg Partner - Gemeente Maastricht Partner - Elisabeth Strouven Partner - VSB Fonds Partner - Dutch Performing Arts Partner - BGL Fonds Partner - Fonds 21 Partner - Dioraphte Partner - Vrienden van de NDD Partner - Zwaan Partner - Proeftuin Dans Partner - Theater aan het Vrijthof