Sub-sector coordinators

Digitale Dansgesprekken

The Digital Dance Talks with the sub-sector coordinators have started. This process consists of two conversations with the aim of initiating a process in order to arrive at input for the document "Discourse for a new phase in Dutch dance 2025-2028".

These two Digital Dance Talks with the sub-sector coordinators that will take place on March 3 and June 9, 2021 are not public. We do, however, encourage the constituency to provide important information to the coordinator linked to the relevant sub-sector. On the basis of this information and the coordinators' own input, concrete agenda items are formulated, which will be tested and discussed with the supporters in October, during the Debate of the Dutch Dance Days.

Below the overview of all participating sub-sector coordinators.

BIS / FPK: structurally subsidized: Willemijn Maas (NDT (BIS)) and Jasper van Luijk (Shifft (FPK))

Youth: Jan Baanstra (De Stilte) and Miriam Gilissen (De Dansers)

Urban: Alida Dors (BackBone) and Tyrone van der Meer (The Notorious IBE)

Talent development: Eve Hopkins (De Nieuwe Oost) and Gemma Jelier (Korzo)

Independent makers: Amos Ben-Tal (OFFprojects) and Roshanak Morrowatian

Dance education: Caroline Harder (Netwerk Dans / Codarts) and Marishka van Loon (Netwerk Dans / Koninklijk Conservatorium)

Education and participation: Rozemarijn Schouwenaar (LKCA) (amateur dance / participation) and Danielle Bouwmeester (education)

Stages / festivals: Thomas Smit (Theatre Bellevue) and Joery Wilbers (ECI Cultuurfabriek)

Do you have input for the next Digital Dance Talk that will take place on June 9, 2021? Send an email to with your input and the sub-sector to which you belong. We will contact the corresponding coordinator (s) and put you in touch.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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