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An inclusive view of the work field

5 October |

Het Digitale Dansgesprek: een inclusieve kijk op het werkveld

This Digital Dance Conversation has Dutch subtitles, you can turn on the subtitles by selecting Dutch on the cc at the bottom left of the screen.

The Inclusive Performing Arts Agenda was launched at the end of 2019 and has now been signed 134 times. The aim of the Agenda is to make the performing arts accessible for and with people with disabilities. The agenda pays attention to practical accessibility: what can cultural organizations do to remove barriers so that people with disabilities can participate in the arts as a public, (amateur) participant or artist? In addition, attention is paid to organizational and artistic accessibility: what can cultural organizations do to ensure that the arts benefit from the artistic and aesthetic challenges that artists with disabilities offer us?

In this session, Claudia Marinelli, LKCA and Martine van Dijk, Dutch Dance Festival, provide insight into the developments of the Agenda in the past year, with specific attention for the research by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science into the accessibility of cultural institutions by Maaike Jongerius of Significant and the initiative of the Coalition for Inclusion to develop a Roadmap for festivals, explained by Margit van Hoeve.

We then zoom in on three practical examples, each linked to one of the three themes of the Inclusive Performing Arts Agenda.

Art classes are accessible to everyone

DeDansDivisie from Leeuwarden has been working with the Dans op Recept project for a number of years. Dans op Recept's mission is to allow people with chronic illness such as Parkinson's, brain damage and chronic pain complaints to participate in society as optimally as possible by means of cultural participation in the form of dance lessons. At the moment there are 10 locations throughout Friesland where more than 100 people participate in the dance lessons of Dans op Recept. DeDansDivisie works together with Revalidatie Friesland and the municipality of Leeuwarden for this.

With Marloes Schreur of the municipality of Leeuwarden we will discuss when dance is physiotherapy, daytime activities or cultural participation.
Moderator: Claudia Marinelli

Art courses work inclusive 

Jule Rapp works as a teacher, choreographer and entrepreneur in the field of inclusion and teaches a variety of target groups. She graduated in 2020 from the Bachelor of Dance in Education program at ArtEZ University of the Arts. In her graduation research Jule has immersed herself in the subject of dance teachers with a disability. For this she held various interviews and conversations with experts in the field of inclusive dance, including dance teachers with a disability. This revealed that there is a vicious circle in the dance work field, in which training courses, dance schools and theaters are not accessible enough for people with a disability.
Partly due to the interest in changing this, Jule is now studying “Sonderpädagogik mit Bezug auf Lehramt” at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Heidelberg, a pedagogical study for special education and special target groups.
Together with Jule, we investigate how to break this vicious circle.
Moderator: Sonja Parmentier

Programming stages including

Het Nationale Theater. Saartje Oldenburg is a program maker at Het Nationale Theater.
Saartje Oldenburg is trained as a theater teacher and has a Master of Education in Arts. Her working life has always been about bringing children, young people and adults into contact with theater and the unique value it can have for someone. At the end of 2015, Saartje suffered serious brain damage due to illness, which left her paralyzed on one side. After a long rehabilitation process, she returned to Het Nationale Theater. Driven by her own experience, Saartje took the initiative here to start HNTunlimited in season 18/19. The HNTonlimited program is being developed on four lines: offer adapted for, about, by people with disabilities and fully inclusive projects, where the focus is on the experiment.
Together with Saartje, we are making an inventory of the extent to which the current offer should be made accessible or whether theaters should program inclusive.
Moderator: Paul Cornelissen

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