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Plenary Dancetalk

7 October |

Het Digitale Dansgesprek - Plenair Dansgesprek 7 oktober 2020

The Dutch Dance Festival is structurally committed to bringing the dance sector together to formulate joint policy principles. In this context, a series of conversations will take place online from 7 October.

In the first meeting on 7 October, we will discuss how the dance sector is dealing with the corona crisis, which challenges and opportunities are becoming visible and which bottlenecks are emerging? What is needed to better protect the dance landscape as we know it today against the heavy pressure of the distribution of subsidies? For example, is it necessary to come up with a different earnings model on short term? We also zoom in on how we deal with our talents, the new generation of dancers, choreographers, collectives and companies and what measures or actions are needed to continue to innovate and make the dance climate in the Netherlands future-proof.

Under the leadership of Hadassah de Boer, four professionals associated with the cultural and dance sector will work on these issues. Tanja Mlaker director of Cultuur Eindhoven, Lloyd Marengo artistic director of Lloyds Company, Joery Wilbers director of Eci Cultuurfabriek and Marceline Loudon, adviser patronage at the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and initiator Platform Governance in Culture.

This dance talk is the first of a series of conversations with professionals from the cultural (dance) field. The following dance talks are scheduled for November 6 and December 4, 2020. And we will continue the conversations in 2021. The purpose of the discussions is on the one hand to discuss topics that are important for the sector in a broader context and on the other hand serve as input for the document "discourse for a new phase in Dutch dance 2025-2028" that is yet to be written. On behalf of the entire dance sector, we will present this document to the Minister of OCW in 2022.

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