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Urban arts redefined

4 October |

Het Digitale Dansgesprek: urban arts hergedefinieerd

Urban. A term that is increasingly used today as a label for a certain style. But what do we actually mean when we label something as Urban?

This question is also playing an increasingly prominent role in the dance world. During the digital dance conversation: title, we focus on the term Urban. Together with various makers, programmers and dancers from the dance sector who have an affinity with Urban dance, we discuss the term, what does it mean? When are you an Urban dancer / maker? Why is Urban often associated with skin color? Does urban mean by definition 'from the street' or can it also belong to high art? Important questions that will be addressed during this digital dance talk. During this conversation, we hope to initiate a new definition of the word.

Moderator: Kim Dankoor.
Panelists: Perry Gits, Monique Duurvoort, Gregory "Shaggy" Albertzoon, Jolanda Spoel en John Agesilas.

This Dance Talk is organized by Slate Black Arts World (Meervaart & ICK Amsterdam), Nederlandse Dansdagen and NAPK.


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