Episode 1 | Korzo

In this first episode of Danshuis, Hadassah visits Korzo Production House in The Hague.

In February 1984, the Korzo theater for experimental dance and music opened in the squatted cinema building. Since then, Korzo has developed into one of the most important dance production houses. In this episode a portrait of this special dance house and its makers.

The past year was an enormous ordeal for all theater makers, but especially for dancers it is a challenge to keep their bodies at the technical level in order to continue to practice their profession.
A dance house is the only place where professional dancers and makers can continue to rehearse and create.

In this episode short portraits of puppeteer Duda Paiva, the urban dancers of Fractal Collective, the Indian dancer and maker Poernima Gobardhan and the first dancer who brought the street styles Vogue and Waacking to the Netherlands; Sarada Sarita.

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