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Staat van de Nederlandse Dans

1 October | 10:00

Karen van Gilst

The Nederlandse Dansdagen acknowledges the great importance the meetings with and between dance professionals, who visit the festival in large numbers every year. The festival is a moment to enjoy all the beauty that Dutch dance has to offer together. At the same time, the festival wants to contribute to the further development of the special dance landscape in our country.

The State of Dutch Dance
To determine where you want to go, you need to know where you stand. An important pillar in the professional program is De Staat van de Nederlandse Dans (The State of Dutch Dance), which is presented every year by 'someone' who is active within the Dutch Dance world. In 2020 that was Lisa Reinheimer, coordinator of cross-cut dance makers at DansBrabant. We will announce who will start the debate this time in September. So you will have to wait just a little longer to discover who this years speaker will be.

Watch the State of the Dutch Dance below or read it here.

Dutch version:



English version:



Concept & text: Conny Janssen
Text editor: Astrid van Leeuwen
Translation: Bert Aquarius
Movie: Davide Bellotta / Three Hands
Dancers: Adi Amit, Ovidi Álvarez Ferré, Maud Huizing, Martijn Kappers, Hiro Murata, Toon Theunissen, Remy Tilburg, Sophie Tukker, Carmine Vigliotti, Liza Wallerbosch, Sarah Zechut. Made possible by: Nederlandse Dansdagen
Special thanks to: Conny Janssen Danst

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