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Landing on Feathers

Virtual Residency Jija Sohn

2 October | 20:00 - 21:00

The artistic practice of choreographer Jija Sohn is based on well-being, care and a full and healthy life. During the pandemic, Jija developed her practice towards more hybrid and digital formats, seeking answers to questions about how we can still care, connect and invite each other to be together when there are physical obstacles.

Her part-time job as a caregiver allows her to enter a field where we train ourselves to maintain a natural and healthy balance between giving and receiving. Her care receiver cannot move independently. When Jija puts his body in comfortable positions or does stretching exercises with him, it has a huge positive influence on his mind. These in-between movements are necessary, they affect both care receiver and caregiver.

In her virtual residency, Jija, together with a group of care receivers and caregivers, makes an essayistic dance film about these 'interim movements'. An inclusive essay on how all people can experience physical freedom.

About Jija Sohn
Jija Sohn is a Japanese- Korean artist based in Amsterdam. In 2015 Jija graduated from the SNDO (School for new dance development) and was selected for the Moving Forward Trajectory - a residency project from the Moving Futures dancehouses network - that supports upcoming artists. During that process, she developed the production Geisha’s Miracle. In 2017 she was awarded with the 3Package Deal by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst which enabled her to work on a slightly autobiographical piece, Kyabajo, at Dansmakers Amsterdam with support of PLAN

For over two years now she dedicates her work and practice to exploring human connections and relations which recently resulted in two community based projects - Lands of Concert, 2019-21 and Phantom Travels, 2021. These projects become her way to look inside into our human nature, recognising and embracing all our flaws and strengths making them into an intimate portrait of how we are as people alone and together.

Currently she works with ARP-Art Research Production in Brussels and is supported by DansBrabant in the frame of PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant.

About PLAN
PLAN is a proven partnership of ten cultural partners in Brabant in the South of the Netherlands, where carefully selected young performing arts talent is helped to develop their own artistic signature and working method. Tailor-made development, refined and inspired by the genuine commitment of the ten partners. PLAN offers space to young artists on two levels: in breeding grounds and in multi-year trajectories. PLAN is carried out by Festival Cement, Theaterfestival Boulevard, DansBrabant, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Festival Circolo, De Nieuwe Vorst, Podium Bloos, Parktheater Eindhoven, United Cowboys and Theater Artemis.

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VR Jija Sohn - Landing on Feathers

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