Virtual Residencies

In 2018, two striking dancers, Hilde Elbers and Heather Ware, created a work for the festival as artist in residence for the Nederlandse Dansdagen. One in Maastricht, the other was admittedly established in the Netherlands as a choreographer/dancer, but was temporarily located 7000 kilometers away in Canada. The two shared their choices with each other and with the public via a live stream. The virtual residence was born with this. This working method now forms the basis for further research into digital working methods and presentations.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen has grown strongly in recent years as a (co)producing festival. During the festival we offer workshops and residencies, offline and virtual, regional and national. Corona has promoted working and presenting remotely. During the digital edition of the festival in 2020, the public could enjoy the latest works online by Cecilia Moisio, David Middendorp and Connor Schumacher, among others. No fewer than 3,000 viewers took advantage of this opportunity. The online stage has therefore become indispensable.

This edition of the festival we are taking the next step in digital development. From surprisingly agile workplaces and stages, we present online recent works - including some premieres - by Jija Sohn, Ruben Chi, Antonin Rioche and Evangelos Biskas. Watch and be inspired by these innovative makers as well as this new form of presentation.

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